Dartford Crossing safety system now in operation

First published in The Global Road Safety Review 2015 as New traffic safety system at Dartford Crossing

A new traffic safety system is now in use on the A282 (M25) northbound approach to the Dartford crossing tunnels.

The system will use a mixture of variable message signs, traffic signals and red light enforcement to identify and stop oversized vehicles or those carrying dangerous goods from entering the tunnels. It will also enable dangerous goods vehicles to be escorted through the tunnels safely and stop traffic in the event of an incident in the tunnels.

Barriers will be used in conjunction with traffic signals to stop vehicles and enforce crossing restrictions when required.

Electronic message signs on the approach to the traffic safety system will provide drivers with information relating to road conditions and safety, while signs on gantries over the carriageway will display variable speed limits to keep traffic flowing. A red X symbol will show that a lane is closed and must not be used.

Average speed camera enforcement will be in use at the Dartford Crossing. Drivers should drive at speeds appropriate to the road conditions and must not exceed the variable speed limits displayed