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Global Report Construction Equipment

Welcome to the 2019 edition of Global Report Construction Equipment. This award-winning annual from the team behind World Highways and Aggregates Business offers a range of in-depth expert views on the critical factors that today’s users of construction equipment need to consider when specifying their fleets.

Our new report was published March 2019. As before, our team of specialist construction equipment reporters has joined forces with a host of industry experts to give a series of incisive insights into the most important developments and opportunities facing the market, as buyers decide which manufacturers and models to invest in.

Click on our 2019 report now to take a look into a wide range of thought-provoking topics such as how the industry is improving its supply chain, which markets are on the up and why, what the next steps will be for hybrid drive machines and what the future holds for the construction equipment rental market in Latin America. We also report on the latest developments in compaction technology, improving aggregates profitability, workzone safety, diesel engine data management, bitumen and road surface treatments, the non-Tier 4 world and aggregates production.Don’t miss our special focus on the Indian highways sector either.

It is more important than ever that you keep pace with an industry going through fast-developing technological change, and a market that is using new financial parameters every day. Let us guide you through the key issues and present you with the opinions of the market’s most authoritative commentators. More than 70,000 industry decision makers around the world receive the report. Make sure that you join them now and get the inside track on which new ideas are likely to prevail, and why.