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Road Surface Technology

As budgets for new road construction are under pressure, road maintenance is becoming an ever-increasing area of importance for keeping the quality of roads at the highest level. Road Surface Technology is a new go-to publication for everyone whose goal is to ensure that the world’s roads are maintained to these essential and exacting standards. From miracle pothole repair technology to the latest innovations in pavement milling and recycling machinery, Road Surface Technology is a must-have reference.

Road Surface Technology, produced by the publishers of the market leading magazine World Highways examines in depth what the market has to offer. Case studies will present the results of technology in action, focussing on what was used and why it was used. People who take major decisions will give their advice.

Experts will consider what options are available to governments, regional and local authorities and also to the people in the front line – the contractors. Road Surface Technology also recognises that different parts of the globe have different priorities and technical issues to overcome, so the publication will look at what the world’s regions are doing.

Inside Road Surface Technology, readers will find a concise yet comprehensive Products and Surfaces section highlighting innovative technology to help contractors choose best practice methods for making efficiency savings on site. Areas covered include the latest in laser-scanning technology for non-destructive ground penetrating
radar investigation, asphalt reclaiming/recycling systems and pavement condition testing.

For businesses focused on servicing this increasingly important global sector, the editorial expertise of World Highways magazine will ensure the message is delivered to the key decision makers. Road Surface Technology will be delivered in print and digital formats to 60,000 pavement professionals worldwide from Route One Publishing’s validated database.

Road Surface Technology covers:

  • Surface materials and treatments
  • Road planning
  • Bitumen pavement surface texture
  • Asphalt testing technology
  • Ground penetrating radar equipment
  • Road surface skid resistance
  • Work zone
  • Road milling
  • Pavement recycling and subsurface stabilisation
  • Warm and cold asphalt technologies
  • Diagnostics