New cycle differentiation software from Econolite

First published in The Global Road Safety Review 2015 as New cycle differentiation software from Econolite

Econolite’s latest Autoscope software release Version 10.5.0 with Cyclescope provides enhanced bicycle differentiation accuracy and is compatible with all existing Autoscope Solo Terra, RackVision Terra, Encore and Duo detection systems.

Cyclescope enables bicycle-differentiated detection in support of bicycle minimum green signal programming (Bike- Min), a green signal interval length to accommodate and help ensure that bicycles can safely cross an intersection.

Bike-Min is often specified for traffic signal programs, as well as a standard feature of modern traffic signal controllers, including Econolite ASC/3 and Cobalt ATC controllers. In addition to supporting Windows 8, Autoscope 10.5.0 brings remote communications capabilities to RVP1 and RVP2, Autoscope’s economical, rack-based video processing solutions.