DynaRoads’s DynaWall raises the moveable barrier game

First published in The Global Road Safety Review 2016 as No barriers for DynaWall

The DynaWall dynamic wall, or barrier, is for use during road construction where it can assist in traffic management by shifting traffic lane barriers. The system can move up to 1,000m of safety barriers within minutes without the need of heavy duty equipment.

The system’s manufacturer, Swiss company DynaRoads, does not make the barriers, but the system is designed to be flexible enough to be used with the majority of barrier types, says the company.

The barrier is moved by an electro-hydraulic powered retractable and folding chassis, which has a series of small self-crawling wheeled units installed every 10-20m underneath the barrier. Each unit is powered by a 24V rechargeable battery pack.

A hand-held control unit simply plugs into the side of the barrier in order to send messages to the unit to raise the barrier off the ground and then travel in a particular direction.