Bike HotSpot senses presence of cyclists in truck blind spot

First published in The Global Road Safety Review 2015 as Cyclist safety system alerts HGV drivers

Sentinel Bike HotSpot cyclist safetyDeveloped by UK vehicle safety specialists Sentinel Systems, the Bike Hotspot is designed to reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists and commercial vehicles. The system is designed to sense when a cyclist is within the blind spot of a large vehicle and alert both driver and cyclist.

It comprises four of Sentinel’s safety aids including a front corner system, side scan system, side camera and an external sounder and can be customised to meet the needs of the vehicle and the driver.

External scanning sensors are fitted along the nearside and front corner of the vehicle, linked to an internal audio warning to alert the driver when there is a potential hazard. An external alert is also sounded to warn the cyclist or pedestrian that the vehicle is turning left.

The cameras are connected to an internal monitor inside the cab so that the driver is visually aware of any cyclists, while the scanners are programmed to detect cyclists at a particular distance and height to avoid sensing cars or pedestrians that are not at risk. A controller area network bus module has also been incorporated to ensure that the system is only activated when the vehicle is manoeuvring at a speed below 10mph.