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Cycle counting and safety with CA Traffic’s BlackCAT

First publishedin The Global Road Safety Review
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CA Traffic BlackCat
CA Traffic’s BlackCAT traffic monitor uses inductive loop technology to provide cycle detection at permanent sites, allowing bicycles to be detected and reported historically or in real time over GSM/GPRS/3G.

The device offers direct outputs via an optional switch card to trigger variable message signs at the roadside to alert motorists of nearby cycle traffic. BlackCAT devices can also be used to simultaneously monitor vehicles in roads and cycles on an adjacent cycle lane.

New radar technology can detect cycles on dedicated cycle paths, eliminating the need to install in-ground sensors. The BlackCAT is battery-powered for temporary surveys but can also be solar/mains powered, with GPRS communications for permanent detection use.

The company’s robust pneumatic tube event vehicle recorder (EVR) uses pneumatic tubes on a road or cycle path to record axle hits; the data is processed by analysis software. Cycles are detected alongside vehicles to a very high accuracy, according to CA Traffic. Housed in a weatherproof case, the recorder can operate for up to a year.

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